2016 wasn’t my favorite year. So much so, my resolution was to survive and stay afloat. Here I am writing in 2017. I’ll chalk that up as a success.

However, Kylie Jenner called it.

2016 was all about realizing things.


Source Buzzfeed

1. Life drags you through the mud, but somehow you’re able to push through.
We’ve all had our trials this year. Some have knocked us down farther than we could imagine, but here we are in a new year, still standing. A positive outlook, time with friends + family and occasionally a pasta binge can pick your spirits up from time to time. Value + care for those relationships. (Especially with the pasta).

2. Facial oil is everything.
2016 was really the year to realize that rubbing oil all over your face was actually a GOOD thing. Just like there was a time that people were all over sugar-free and aspartame loaded foods, there was a time drying facial products were ‘in.’ In my book, oil is like clean eating.


3. The scale weighed me down all these years.
I’m OVER scales and haven’t stepped on one in a year. I have to tell you, it was quite possibly one of the best things for me. As someone who struggled with negative body image and unhealthy habits, I cut ties with something that I obsessed over. A three digit number no longer consumes my life. I weigh myself on how I FEEL about my body. In a sea of losing weight resolutions, I want to gain confidence, health, strength and most importantly BALANCE. By not weighing myself this year, I found what was important to me. I look forward to continuing it in 2017.

4. Where do you buy matches + batteries?
I realized I was officially an adult in 2016 and have zero idea what I’m doing. Overlooking my obvious struggles of this past year and how I was forced to grow, I had to figure out where to purchase matches and batteries. That’s right. In 25 years, I have never made a match or battery purchase. Look at me now. (I still can’t find matches).

5. Not every opinion matters.
Before this year, I really cared what people thought. Would people like my outfit, would people enjoy my posts or did they get that joke? I realized, I didn’t care anymore. What did I think? Was I proud of who I was and what I was producing? It pays to be original and authentic. 2016 was just the start.

Cheers to a new year, new experiences and realizing more things.
Hope you’re ready for some exciting stuff this year.

Chat soon + stay real(izing),

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