There isn’t a day that passes where a piece of advice my dad gave me doesn’t pops in my head. I have advice for just about any circumstance and never realized everything he was pouring into my head. I guess that’s good parenting.

This piece of advice I’ll share is one I think EVERYONE can benefit from, no matter the walk of life, person or circumstance.

If you don’t ask, the answer will always be “no.”

Would it be so bad if the answer was no? Would you rather know instead of guessing or making yourself anxious with hypothetical answers? (Guilty).

When I was in college, I wanted to be proactive with my job hunt. I searched pages and pages on and applied everywhere. I came across an internship for a bridal boutique as a marketing and social media intern, but it was three hours away from my school. What if I could work remotely for them and build my resume in the process? I sent off an email explaining my interest, my willingness and offered samples. After all, if I didn’t ask the answer would be for sure a no. Plus, what was the worst thing that could happen? Receiving a “no, I’m sorry?” I was three hours away, it couldn’t touch me.

Well, I received a response, a Skype interview and shared some sample work. I got the internship. I held it for six months remotely and went into the storefront when I was home from school. It was honestly one of the most rewarding and educational things I’ve done. It all started with asking an out there question.

SO ASK. Take a leap. Stop tip toeing.

Opportunity doesn’t always knock.

A majority of the time, you have to create your opportunity. Stop waiting for something. Do you know what you want? How are you going to get it? How are you going to get there? (We’ve had this talk before). I 100% get it. Its uncomfortable, but that’s where the change happens.

Chat soon,

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