Who else stares at a closet full of clothes and states that they have nothing to wear? I KNOW IT ISN’T JUST ME! However, it isn’t the best option to constantly be filling your cart with new pieces. Bummer, I know. There are a few ‘shopping rules’ I’ve been implementing lately that have made me feel fashionable and less like I’m blowing through money.

Easy ways for affordable style.

The Brunette Blend-Fresh Style Without Constantly Swiping Your Card-thredUp Style

Separate + Store. Separate your colder month clothes from you warmer month clothes. I’m not kidding this tip is so simple and easy, its AWESOME. When you separate your clothes and store over the seasons, you tend to forget what you have and its like a whole new wardrobe.

Resale Shop. Clothing is PRICEY especially if you’re eyeing name brands (hello, Kate Spade!) Thrifting usually takes some time and multiple trips. I came across a new site called thredUP and let me tell you, I’m HOOKED. I got a gently used Zara top for…wait for it…13 BUCKS! They have a ton of items at great prices.

Mix n’ Match Old + New. Always think of your closet when you’re shopping. Chances are you have at least two things you can pair your new item with. Plus, I think you get to be more creative! Personally, I think some of the best #OOTD come from mix n’ matched pieces.

The Brunette Blend-Fresh Style Without Constantly Swiping Your Card- thredUP Zara Top

The Brunette Blend - Nine to Five Style - Target Style - Get the Look

Shirt from thredUP (Stalk HERE) | Jeans (you know I live for Eddie Bauer jeans) | Pumps (Similar)

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