I’m the type of person that has a bunch of random foods in the fridge and pantry, but nothing flashy or exceedingly tasty to make, unless I’m seriously planning. Just a bunch of fruits, veggies and random staples everyone usually has.

This mini recipe isn’t rocket science or anything the world hasn’t seen before, but its tasty fuel that saves many people from my hangry rages (anyone else with me?)

A protein-packed banana roll up to the rescue! I mean it when I say to the rescue. Its found its way into my lunch, preventing me from going King Kong on my keyboard at work. Its even made an appearance (like its famous or something) at breakfast. Its a little life saver when you’re crunched for time and ingredients.

The Brunette Blend-Banana Roll Up-June 9


-Whole wheat tortilla
-Natural peanut butter
-Silvered almonds
-Chia seeds
-Dash of cinnamon


1. Spread PB on tortilla
2. Sprinkle the almonds, raisins, chia seeds, and cinnamon
3. Roll the banana inside
4. Enjoy!
*Bonus: you can chill it in the fridge and the banana is AMAZING

Give it a shot, let me know what you think. You can alter it however you like. Use less ingredients, use more, use whatever you manage to find in your cabinet that isn’t expired. DO YOU. Live your life. (Is it just me or did this last section have the potential to be in a Dr. Seuss book?)

The Brunette Blend-Samantha-Signature