Happy New Year! 2016 is here and….WE HAVE A BAR CART! Exciting, yes? Pinkies up, because we’re feeling fancy.

The Brunette Blend - Bar Cart

Cheering for a bar cart may not be the most exciting thing, but when you’re building your new place, every new addition brings excitement. Here is the thing, you see all these fabulous apartments and lofts online featuring glamorous furniture, accessories, etc. They explain it in a way that makes you think you can make your very first place look like it popped out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

In real life, your first place is mismatched furniture from your childhood room and items your mom has stored away in the garage. Don’t get me wrong, these are great, but its not that living room you placed on your Pinterest board. Its vanilla when you want chocolate or strawberry…with sprinkles.Your Pinterest room comes gradually, so never under estimate the power of repurposing and straying a little bit from the picture in your mind.
The Brunette Blend - Bar Cart Stylin'
We finally purchased our gold bar cart and we anxiously awaited its arrival. It finally arrived and we got to stylin’ with a lot of what we had (i.e. the stripped book is last year’s planner) and of course we had to make a little run to TJ Maxx (the best place for finding little trinkets!)
The Brunette Blend - Bar Cart Stylin' Overview The Brunette Blend - Bar Cart Stylin' Details

Chicago actually got some snow this weekend and I had trouble finding *pretty* fresh flowers, so I opted for some fake ones in the meantime. A shaker, champagne, straws, and fun cocktail napkins are a must. I wanted to add a little something extra and found this amazing rose gold clock. I love the vibrant colors. Honestly, my favorite part of this cart is our personal touches and trinkets.
The Brunette Blend - Bar Cart Stylin' Close Up

I’m sure this cart will get a makeover in the future, but right now, I’m really loving it. I love the colors, the pops, and the glam factor it adds to our industrial place. When decorating anything, always make sure to have fun, have it reflect your personality, and not stress out when it isn’t how you painted it to be in your mind. I’m working on the last one. Hey, its a new year, right? I have time…

xo S