Life lately hasn’t left much room for celebration, but today we’re celebrating a life and an EIGHT month wedding anniversary (TBH: when I started writing this, I thought we’ve been married only seven months…I guess we’ve been consumed with other life events.)

First, I want to acknowledge my baby brother’s 21ST BIRTHDAY! WAAAHOOOO! I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for 21 years. He’s unique, talented, funny and an overall good person. I look forward to seeing him accomplish more and more. Another year grateful to be his sister. After all, no one quite gets you like your siblings.

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Second, its mine and Grant’s eight month wedding anniversary! Wow, typical, but time really does fly. I have no idea where I would be without him. He’s been there on my happiest day and he’s been there on my saddest- both of those happened within four months of each other. I want to take a moment and thank him for being in my corner, being patient and kind when I can’t seem to pull myself together, and loving me to an extent I cannot comprehend. A dream man I painted in my head years ago walked into my life my junior year of college and after thinking he wouldn’t be interested in me, we got married three years later.

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To my husband, I’m really happy I met you. My family is really happy they met you. You are loved and appreciated beyond measure.

Nothing like starting a Friday off on a happy/emotional note, because who doesn’t want to tear up in their avocado in the morning? HA! Now that all my cheesiness is out, wishing you all a happy and cool weekend { Chicago, its supposed to be like a million degrees– get to a pool ASAP, Indy is. Will report back with puppy pool photos 🙂 }

Cheers to the weekend!

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