As the blogging + influencer communities grow, so do brand partnerships. A lot of bloggers + influencers want to team up with a brand, because it generates great content and engagement for both parties.

Many of you don’t know that my 9-5 is in social media + public relations for a company. Part of my job is reviewing blogger + influencer requests to see if they’re a good fit for our brand. Every brand + reviewing process is different, but based on what I look for, I’m sharing a few do’s + don’ts of reaching out to a brand.

The Brunette Blend- The Dos + Donts of Reaching Out for Brand Partnerships

Don’t tell the brand what YOU want from them.
Do tell the brand what you can do FOR them.
Out of all the requests, why should they choose you?

Your number of followers is NOT everything…

Don’t focus on the wrong numbers.
Do focus on engagement, impressions, clicks, unique visitors to your site, etc…you get it.
The number of followers you have isn’t everything, because at this point, are they even genuine? With all these extravagant giveaways + follow/unfollow methods, I want to see you engaging with your following and making an impact regardless of what number you have at the top of your profile.

Don’t be boring, but be professional.
Do treat your blog/brand as a business, but show us your personality through email or your media kit.
Being concise and to the point is important, especially with large brands. There are so many words a person can read and only so many hours in the day. Introduce yourself so they can decide if you fit their brand.

Just because you may not be the right for for a brand or campaign now, doesn’t mean you won’t be a good candidate for future opportunities.

Don’t expect anything.
Do put yourself out there and hope for future partnerships.
When emailing a brand, chances are you want something. This kind of goes back to number 1. Share your information, if you have an idea for how you can partner up or collaborate– share it. However, keep in mind they may have partnership programs and may not be able to throw something your way in a matter of two business days. Offer more information if asked and hope to work with them in the future. BE COURTEOUS, because if we’re being honest, you aren’t owed or don’t deserve anything.

Don’t burn bridges.
Do keep in touch.
Just because you may not be the right fit for the brand or campaign at the time, doesn’t mean you won’t be a good candidate for future opportunities. Chances are, your information is on file. Be cool.

Bottom line: Be yourself, be courteous and don’t ask for anything. PUT OUT THE FEELERS! Think of it as a first date. Show them what they can get if they partner with you.

Chat soon,

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P.S. thanks for all the patience as I got the blog back up to speed after the phantom deleting spree. Onwards and upwards!