Lately I’ve been CRAVING a spa day, like a massage, sip fruit infused water, the whole shabang. Problem is I want it ALL THE TIME. Obviously this won’t work with those types of price tags. Hallelujah, we can play pretend at home with three things. Yes, three things to amp up that relaxation.

Grab a few candles, your fav Netflix show, book or tunes and enter your mini escape:

The Brunette Blend-At Home Spa-Like Treatments for Those On a Budget-Pink Tub


Side note. This tub. Heart eyes emoji. House emoji. I want to live here.

Bath Soak

Current favorite: Zoetic Bath Salt Soak | Aurora
Bubbles baths are fun, but after a little car accident and a tumble down the stairs (I know. Wrap me in bubble wrap), I’ve needed something that was a little more productive than cotton candy. I’ve opted for bath salts/soaks, because of all the benefits. The right type can help soothe muscle tension, exfoliate skin, remove toxins + water (buh bye bloat) and can even calm the mind.

Eye Treatment

Current favorite: Miss Spa Restore Brillance Hydrogel Eye Treatment
We’re stepping it up a bit from the classic chilled cucumber and opting for hydrogel eye treatments. These little eye masks contain vitamins A, B, C, and E which helps alleviate signs of puffiness + dark circles. Put an end to the ‘you look tired’ comment, because news flash, you look great.

Lavender Body Lotion

Current favorite: Bath & Body Works Lavender & Sandalwood Body Cream
The scent of this body lotion is SO spa-like and instantly relaxes. We all know I’m loving on essential oils and lavender especially at night. This is the PERFECT lotion to seal in all that moisture and help you chill out. Lavender not your thing? Opt for a warm, soothing scent that you enjoy to relax and unwind.

The Brunette Blend- Three Ways to Create a Mini At Home Spa for Those On a Budget- Flaylat

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