Alright, lets get real. My face has had these acne-like bumps on the side of my chin. Nothing red or irritated, just bumps under the surface. Reading online, it sounded like it was an acne caused by cosmetics. The correct term is “Acne Cosmetica,” which is basically small bumps on the surface of your skin caused by hair or skin products. The products clog pores overtime and result in these pimple-like bumps. Treatment seemed easy. Let up on certain makeup and go for a hypo-allergenic brand. I tried new face wash, lotion, a facial cleansing brush, and wore breathable makeup. Still there.

I knew I could not give up on tweaking my makeup routine, but I needed to try something else. I discovered “detox” water for clear skin. I never have had a problem with drinking water, so this was just a matter of adding fruit to my water bottles. {How could this be bad?}

We all know that we need water to survive. It flushes out toxins and replenishes our body. I think sometimes we forget that the food we eat do more than just fluctuate our weight. Certain fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation, curb cravings, help with digestion, brighten skin, increase energy…the list goes on.

The Brunette Blend - Bumpin

For a week I used two different recipes for my water:
1. Strawberries and lemon
-Lemon has a lot going on for it when it comes to benefitting your body. My top two reasons for adding lemon are that it is a natural diuretic and promotes better digestion.
-By doing some research on the benefits of strawberries for our skin, I found a ton of great information, but there was one main element that stood out to me the most. Dietary Fibre. Dietary Fibre helps rid our body of toxins. As you know, fiber is what helps us “go,” if you know what I mean. What I didn’t know was that without regular “movements,” we are prone to acne and pimples. I guess when you say it out loud it makes sense, but STILL! Interesting.
*If you’re interested in additional benefits & usages (like a facemask!), click HERE

2. Blogilates Fountain of Youth-Strawberries and kiwi
Kiwis have vitamin A for healthy eyes and skin, as well as vitamin E to repair.
Strawberries also have a lot of anti-aging properties, like biotin to keep your skin tight!
Check out Blogilates and her most recent video on detox water receipes HERE (shes who gave me the inspiration to get started! I also LOVE her detox water bottles. She’s seriously cool.)

Guess what….
IT WORKED! Within a week, my underground acne was much less noticeable! A WEEK! With proper skin care and keeping myself hydrated (I drank the same amount I normally do) with the fruity concoctions, I was able to reduce the appearance of these bumps. *throws confetti in the air* I can’t wait to see what a few more weeks will do! Whatever happens though, we’re still fabulous *hair flip*

In my opinion, yes, the fruit-infused water helps. BUT you need to adopt a healthy skin care routine as well.

8 Tips for Skin Care
1. ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed
2. Always have SPF
3. Find an all-in-one perfect facial cleanser. For example, Principal Secret’s Total Facial Cleanser. Mom always knows best.
4. Use a day cream (thicker consistency with SPF) and night cream. I recommend Boots No.7’s Beautiful Skin. They have a variety of creams to choose from depending on your skin type.
5. Use an exfoliate/electric face brush once or twice a week. Using these too frequently can dry out your skin. Face brushes can run on the expensive side, but I found one that is REALLY affordable and does a great job. Check out the ProX Advanced Cleaning System by Olay
6. Avoid using heavy make up everyday. Opt for tinted moisturizers
7. Give your skin a break! Take days off of makeup to let your skin breathe
8. Most importantly, keep yourself hydrated!

Have you tried “detox” water for any health benefits? Do you have any tips/tricks for healthy clear skin? Do tell!