Like most people, I’m no stranger to face masks. I’m all too familiar with opening up a package and placing a slimy, face shaped cloth on my face. While its cool and refreshing, I never really felt like it did anything for my skin.

Blackheads live on my nose, my chin is prone to some pimples, and my cheeks can get dry and bumpy. One wet paper mask isn’t going to cut it. Different parts of the face have different needs. We can’t expect a mask to be a one-size-fits-all.

Today, we have SO many face mask options that offer a variety of benefits. So why not use them all at once in designated areas? This is called multi masking. Since I have a thing for multitasking, it was time to multi mask.

The Brunette Blend-A Multi Mask with Zoetic's New Clay Masks-Zoetic Mask Flaylay

My absolute FAVORITE skincare line, Zoetic, has introduced a line of clay masks. I am on Oprah-loves-bread status excited for these babies. There are masks for brightening, tightening, cleansing and smoothing. I put three to the test: Clean Slate, Mermaid Mask, and Matcha Love.

The Brunette Blend-The Brunette Blend-A Multi Mask with Zoetic's New Clay Masks-Multi Mask

Zoetic’s clay masks are 100% natural and do not contain any fillers. This means you’re getting an extremely pure product.

For my nose, I used Clean Slate which has activated charcoal to deeply cleanse and detoxify (because I’m not playing with these blackheads + clogged pores). Mermaid Mask laid on my cheeks to tone and tighten, while I put Matcha Love on my forehead and chin to refresh and firm. After applying, all I had to do was let it dry. You could feel the masks start working immediately. Great start.

I didn’t know this, but clay actually draws out impurities and toxins from your pores. It also increases blood circulation. The more you know.

The Brunette Blend-A MULTI MASK WITH ZOETIC’S NEW CLAY MASKS-Matcha Love Clay mask

Zoetic’s powdered masks really catered to the areas I wanted to focus on. A few drops of water and I had the freshest mask. I know I shouldn’t, but I CANNOT STOP TOUCHING MY FACE. It hasn’t been this smooth and soft for a long time. This is the first time I feel like a mask truly did something for my skin.

The multi mask combined with these quality products gave me a brighter, more even complexion in specific areas, while others extracted dirt and oil…after just one use.

I give both multimasking and Zoetic’s clay masks a 11/10.

… or as Usher would say, ‘on a 1 to 10, [they’re] a certified 20.’

I’m thinking of making a girls night out of it. Girlfriends, masks that actually work and some rosé.

The Brunette Blend-A Multi Mask with Zoetic's New Clay Masks-Zoetic Clay Mask

Learn more about Zoetic and their AMAZING products HERE.

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Special thanks to Zoetic for sharing their masks with us and helping make multimasking a success!

The importance of removing makeup at the end of the day is SO important, but how clean in your face? Sharing the three areas to focus on for clean skin.
How clean is your face really?

If you aren’t completely removing your makeup (EVERY nook and cranky) before cleaninsing, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You may not realize that your #MOTD is still hanging around and waiting to plant pimples.

The Brunette Blend-How Clean Is Your Face Three Commonly Missed Areas When Removing Makeup

I thought my skin was makeup free after washing with my cream cleanser in the evenings, but sadly, I was mistaken. While using makeup wipes after a shower to remove mascara, I found my foundation and bronzer were being picked up. Instead of my skin being cleansed, I was removing only a layer of makeup.

You know what that equals? Clogged pores and surprise guests (PIMPLES).

After this horrific realization and making myself a semi-guinea pig, I found that adding an extra step to a nighttime skin routine AND focusing on three frequently missed areas can make all the difference.

Three Commonly Missed Areas When Removing Makeup

1. Hairline. We’re all about having our makeup look natural, so we pull and dab it into our hairline to get a seamless look. While this a good makeup trick, you NEED to make sure you’re removing the makeup at the end of the day. Its easy to wash your face and stay clear of your hair if you don’t want to wash it that day. Over time, this leftover makeup can build up and cause breakouts.

2. Nose. The sides and bridge of your nose need a little extra love when it comes to washing your makeup off. Foundations and creams can get caked around the nose and cause dryness and blemishes if not removed. I was washing my face so quickly that I wasn’t giving this area enough attention. This resulted in dead skin, flakes and uneven makeup. Plus, IT WAS SO ITCHY.

3. Neck. This is definitely an area that is overlooked when washing. If you’re pulling your makeup down to your neck (if not, you should) to create a more natural, seamless look, that leftover makeup can cause some damage, too. Think wrinkles and you guessed it, pimples.

For your cleanest skin, use a makeup wipe (I’m using THIS) or use a cotton round with oil to remove makeup from all areas of your skin. Then, your regular cleanser can take a deeper dive into pores and work on your skin on how its intended.

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If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know I’m kind of along the lines of a skincare freak (thanks, mom). I don’t think many people would argue that healthy skin is something they try to receive and maintain. After all, you skin is truly your ‘foundation.’

The Brunette Blend- Clear + Healthy Skin Care Tips- Circcell Cleanser

Your skin is your foundation.

This goes for men and women, everyone can benefit from having a good skincare routine. Over the years, I’ve found what works for my skin. I still get an occasional breakout, but who doesn’t?

Cleanse Regularly
Ding ding ding. Washing your face regularly is a big one. I opt to wash in the morning and night. Morning to give my skin an energizing boost and set a clean stage if I’ll be wearing any makeup that day and night to remove any makeup, oil or dirt from the day. Its also important to clean your face (cleaner or wipes) after a workout as open pores are susceptible to dirt.
Currently LOVING this cleanser: Mandarin Cleaning Milk from CircCell

Cleansers do a great job of removing makeup, dirt and oil from the day, but it also takes away some of your skin’s naturally oils, so its important to replenish.

One thing that bothers me most is when skin feel tight and dry. Cleansers do a great job of removing makeup, dirt and oil from the day, but it also takes away some of your skin’s naturally oils, so its important to replenish. This means grab your facial oil, beauty balm or favorite cream. (To me, this is the best part). Pick which one works best for you + your skin.
Favorites: Zoetic Petal Drops, Amara Marie Tallow Beauty Balm and Gaia Rosehip Oil.

Go Makeup Free
If you’re a makeup wearer, opt to go at least one day a week without makeup. Not only is it kind of invigorating, it gives your skin a chance to breathe. Its a total treat for skin to get an entire day (instead of 8 hrs) of not being masked with products.

OMG. This one is HARD. I’ve always been the type of person to see an imperfection and try to squeeze whatever out that was clogging a pore. This is a NO NO, because you’re damaging the skin. Recently, I had two underground pimples that I of course had to mess with and I’m STILL paying for it. Unless its something extremely painful, (sorry to say this to anyone who gets grossed out) a whitehead and will come out with only using the force of Qtips. Who else is with me on practicing self control?

Use Sunscreen
This is where the mom in me comes out, SERIOUSLY WEAR SUNSCREEN. I’ll take plenty of teachings away from my mom, but this one is BURNED in my brain. Sun damage can cause wrinkles, imperfection and even cancer. We’re lathering ourselves in some many potions and creams, can we take 2.5 seconds to include sunscreen? I know, its summer, we want to be tan, but don’t damage your beautiful skin. I’ve been using a new self tanner and I actually like it! No orange (sorry high school Sam…)
Currently using Sun Bum Self Tanning Towelettes

Eat Well
Surprise! What you eat actually has an impact on your face. (You knew that, though). Sweet potatoes, chia seeds, almonds and brown rice are a few foods that promote healthy skin. Food is your medicine and works from the inside out, seriously impressive.

Everyone is different and every skin type is different. Find the formula that works best for YOU. At the end of the day, you’ll know what skincare treatment is working with your skin. Until then, wash your face, eat your veggies + treat yo’self to a mask (c’mon, I know you’re cruising that Target aisle…)

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