I tried HGTV’s Flip or Flop star, Christina El Moussa’s favorite black bean brownies. After the first batch, here is how we felt about them…

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If you’re an HGTV lover or someone that just pays attention to the media, you know of Christina El Moussa from Flip or Flop. Successful, worth $$$ and looks fabulous. Blah, blah. What really interested me was that this girl ate brownies. Sometimes she ate them for breakfast, sometimes she’d eat them everyday, she feeds her kids brownies. (I really like chocolate) and she looks healthy and strong and based on the brownies, she doesn’t deprive herself. I want to be healthy, strong and eat brownies. I click to learn more.

Plot twist, the brownies are BLACK BEAN brownies.

Make brownies + initial reactions:

The thought of black beans in something sweet may sound dangerous, exciting, odd or if you’re Grant, disgusting. I teetered on exciting and odd. I had everything to make them, so why not? PLUS, I could try to trick Grant into eating them. Christina doesn’t tell her kids about the secret ingredient. I don’t have kids to trick, so husband it is.

Black Bean Brownies

recipe found on delish.com

The Brunette Blend-The Brunette Blend-I Tried Christina El Moussa's Favorite Black Bean Brownies-Delish Recipe

The brownies took me about 20 minutes from start to finish and I was taking a bite a half hour in. As someone who loves chocolate and is an avid hater of foods pretending to being other foods, I WAS LOVING THESE BROWNIES! They were simple and great with minimal ingredients. 10/10 would make them again.

deceive your partner, children, roommate, WHOEVER:

While I was really proud of my decoy brownies, I offered brownies to Grant multiple times. “Don’t you want a brownie? I made them from scratch. I LOVE them. Here, take one.” These should have been clues. I never make brownies, nor do I avidly offer them at home. Four days post brownie bake, Grant tried ONE.

One brownie for him is like a fish on land taking a sip of water and being like, “I’m good.” It doesn’t happen. If there are brownies, there is more than one casualty. I knew he didn’t like them, but he was being supportive and said he did. After continuous pressing, he told me it had a taste. I shot back, “a beany taste? 😏” bottom line, Grant didn’t care for them, he prefers boxed brownies.

The Brunette Blend-The Brunette Blend-I Tried Christina El Moussa's Favorite Black Bean Brownies-Delish Recipe brownies

I shared with my mom and brother and got positive feedback.It’s chocolatey and doesn’t taste like beans. It was also said it would taste great in ice cream. The only thing? It is missing the flour texture. Makes sense. There is no flour in this recipe and most likely why G wasn’t a fan.

Just like everything in life, some people are going to like it and others may want to spit it out while you’re not looking. However, i highly encourage trying these brownies. Great taste, easy to make and fun to trick your husband with. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Chat soon,
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