I’m all about classic with a twist. I LOVE to mix modern with timeless pieces and I found a piece that achieves both. JORD creates handcrafted wooden watches that are so much more than a look. Each watch has a unique story and is comprised of different elements. JORD is creating more than a watch, their telling a story.

The Brunette Blend-Classic With a Twist JORD Wooden Watches-In Packaging

The Frankie 35 Series is helping me tell mine AND helping me be on time. The modern minimalist vibe this particular watch brings makes it perfect for wearing solo or for mixing in with your arm candy. Personally, I love adding thin gold bracelets. The dark sandalwood and gold brings a warm and glam pop.

The Brunette Blend-Classic With a Twist JORD Wooden Watches-Styling


Another reason why I’m kind of crushing on JORD is because they offer cool and fashionable watches for both men and women. You can dress them up and you can dress them down. Perfect for accessorizing any outfit. Let me just let you in on a little secret, watches are a GREAT present to give. The holidays are coming up, so you’re welcome. In all seriousness, I’m considering getting one for Grant. With a watch obsession and quite the collection, a wooden watch is nowhere in sight.

Now for the fun part,

Giveaway Alert

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JORD is giving away a $75 e-gift code for one lucky winner to put towards the watch that’ll tell your story AKA the watch of your choice. HOLD UP! Just by ENTERING, you AUTOMATICALLY WILL RECEIVE $20 toward your watch! Talk about the ultimate win-win.

The contest ends on 11/6/16 + all codes expire on 1/1/17 so go, go, go! Can’t wait to see which is your fav + what it says about you! #TotalLibraMove

The Brunette Blend-Samantha-Signature


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