The Brunette Blend-Kicked Coffee For A Week And Im Still Alive-French Press

I’ve been regularly drinking coffee since the summer going into my sophomore year of college (approx. 5 years). Started with white chocolate mochas and ended up drinking strong French press coffee. I told myself I didn’t have time for decaf (I actually tweeted that once)…

But was I becoming too dependent on the drink? I was getting to the point where it was difficult to function without it. I guess the answer is ‘yes,’ on that dependent point. My friend told me she cut back on coffee and felt so much better overall. I’m inspired, I begin a coffee detox immediately. My goal is one week.

Day 1: massive headache. MASSIVE. This sucks. Caffeine withdrawals are no joke. My eyes hurt, too…?

Day 2: mild headache, but I feel pretty good. This could be a placebo effect. I go to sleep with zero problems.

Day 3: I wake up easier and don’t have the intense need to make a cup of coffee. I feel like my teeth are whiter and notice I don’t feel the need to grab a midday breath mint.

Day 4: I miss the smell and taste. I try hot water with lemon. Obviously not the same, but the warmth in the morning is soothing. Plus, I feel healthier somehow. With my lemon water.

Day 5: a mild headache hangs on, but I’m offered coffee and I turn it down. Is this a new me…?

Day 6: I wake up energized and don’t feel sluggish. Hand me that hot lemon water.

Day 7: I made it! Seven whole days without a drop of coffee or caffeine and I’m still alive.

I know I said one week, BUT I think I’m going to keep it up and let you know how things progress. One week without coffee is a small step with some initial results, but now I’m itching to see if more times does, well, MORE. I can still feel some withdrawal, but overall I feel more energized with better sleep habits and oral hygiene. AND since I chugged water and tea, my skin feels insanely hydrated.

Will I cut coffee completely? No, but I think it could be treated more as a want than a need. As long as I’m not dependent on it EVERYDAY, I think I’m making moves.

Chat soon,

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