Lipstick has become my new favorite. Bold or light colors, I’m obsessed. Recently, I have been envious of Taylor Swift’s “red lip classic,” her lips are perfectly shaped (is that natural orrrrrr?)…When I put on lipstick it was starting to look like a blob. Lip liner came into the picture and quickly became a BFF. Overlining your lips is popular right now, but lining your natural lip line in a certain way can completely transform them. Below you’ll find a technique to line your lips. Use any color, I chose red so it would be easier to photograph the process + who doesn’t love a good red lip!?

Your Toolbox

The Brunette Blend - Color in the Lines Tools

-Lip liner

Step by Step

The Brunette Blend - Color in the Lines Step by Step

one| Apply foundation to your lips to create a blank canvas. This will allow the color to be as true as possible.

two| Use lip liner to create a “V” shape.

three| In upward strokes connect the outer corners to the top of the “V.”

four| Line your bottom lip, connecting your corners. Don’t worry if it gets a little messy toward your inner lip, no one will know- shhhhh.

five| With matching lipstick, add your color within the lines.

finish| You’re bound to get a little outside the lines, nothing a Q-Tip can’t handle. Minor cleanups and your showstopping pout is ready!

I’m currently really into reds and pinks. What colors are you into this season?

The Brunette Blend - Color in the Lines Final Look