Remember the Amanda Bynes show and “The Girls in the Bathroom” sketch? If you’ve follow on Snapchat (BrunetteSnapz) I’ve 100% been Debbie. You know, the girl who constantly states she loves eggs? Her. Me. Eggs.

The Brunette Blend-Debbie-I like Eggs


They’ve been a go to breakfast or dinner. Open faced sandwiches have been my saving grace and the reason I don’t pass out in the morning. If you’re skipping out on breakfast, you’re doing it wrong. Consumer Reports states that breakfast eaters tend to have better diets overall. Eating right in the morning can have a positive effect on your body throughout the day as well as your life. Heart protection, lower risk of diabetes, energy, keeps you from getting HANNNNGRY, and can help maintain a healthy weight. Ignoring to properly fuel yourself in the morning can lead to your body “fasting.” This can boost “hunger hormones” (ghrelin) which can cause you to overeat and causing ups and downs in your glucose levels. Bottom line, eat well, take care of your body and it will thank you.

Learn more: {Why Eating the Right Breakfast Is So Important // Consumer Reports}

If you’re eating breakfast regularly, here’s a delicious one to add to the rotation. If you are an aspiring breakfast eater, TRY THE BELOW. Quick and easy. Make it fresh or make it ahead, depending on you sched.

The Brunette Blend-Eat Your Breakfast-Poached Egg + Avo Mash

Get ready to
The Brunette Blend-Eat Your Breakfast-Assemble
(your perfect egg sandwich)

-egg (over easy or poached)
-whole wheat bread (I prefer Ezekial)
-red pepper flakes

Avo mash: Season half an avocado with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes in a bowl. Mash with a fork. Spread your avo mash on your toast and top with your yolk-a-lucius egg.

That’s just the basics (which are great! Grain, protein and a healthy fat). Add whatever your heart desires. Cheese, spinach, turkey. Do you. What is your go-to breakfast?

The Brunette Blend-Eat Your Breakfast-Over easy egg