I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. So low maintenance, I’m writing you in a dirty ponytail that hasn’t been washed since Saturday. Effortless hair is what I go for …and I’ll hold onto it for days, until I reach, well, this point (dirty ponytail).

The Brunette Blend-Effortless Hair Three Products One Tool

Recently, I read an article that was written about the hairstylist who invented “The Rachel” from Friends. Michael Canalé shared the next big thing is to “embrace your natural hair.” According to well+good, he believes the next hair trend is working with your natural texture and hair pattern. COUNT ME IN.

Three hair products + one tool helped me achieve this mega easy, effortless look.

Our hairstylist turned me onto three amazing Aveda hair products that are lightweight, yet provide hold. A heat protectant, styling mousse and a hairspray. BTW: nothing is sponsored, I’m genuinely loving these products and all they have done for my hair + scalp.


Step by Step: Effortless Hair

O N E | apply small amount of damage remedy™ daily hair repair focusing on the ends.
This is a leave-in treatment that protects against heat and breakage.

T W O | apply 3-4 pumps of phomollient™ styling foam focusing on the roots. With a wide-tooth comb, comb through hair to distribute product.

T H R E E | blow dry while running fingers through your hair to achieve the most natural curves of your hair.

F O U R | using a curling wand pointed down, wrap sections of hair outward (away from your face). I like to alternate to create a less than perfect curls.

F I V E | spritz air control™ light hold hair spray in short spurts. This will make the hairspray come out more concentrated and provide a better hold (thanks for the tip, Monica!) This hairspray doesn’t make hair sticky or crunchy and allows you to build without creating helmet hair.

It never hurts to shake hair + lightly comb through to loosen curls.

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Chat soon,
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