Its no secret that my ride or die is oil. FACIAL OIL. I use it as a makeup primer, spot treatment, night treatment and everyday moisturizer.

I really dig this stuff.

Anytime I talk about a ‘beauty routine,’ facial oil is always in the mix. Since sharing these types of things on my Snapchat + Instagram, I’ve had some questions come in about the goodness in a bottle!

The Brunette Blend-Facial Oil 101-Facial Oil

We’re finally not cringing at the thought of oiling up our skin, because products with drying agents only make our skin flakey. I don’t know about you, but HARD PASS. Without further adieu, here are the top questions I received about oil:

Facial oil + sensitive skin:

I think I have fairly sensitive skin and I haven’t experienced a breakout due to oil. Trust me, I lay it on HEAVY. However, all skin is different and has different reactions. If you’re wanting to ease into oil, incorporate it into your moisturizing routine. Place a few drops into your face lotion for an additional boost or dab a little on your driest areas.

Facial oil for men:

Most personal care products are labeled for gender. However, most of the time the difference is in how it smells. With that being said, any guy can use any oil. If a floral scent isn’t their style, there are oils that are unscented.


Using facial oil as a makeup primer:
If you’re into a dewy glow, facial oil is the secret to achieving it. Since oil is so moisturizing, it creates a well-hydrated and smooth canvas for foundations. Rub a few drops into the skin and let it soak in for a few minutes before applying makeup. If you prefer using only a powder, oil won’t help with a dewy finish, it will however make sure your skin is well hydrated underneath.

Using facial oil as a makeup remover:

It really isn’t a secret that oil is a main player in makeup remover. I couldn’t handle makeup remover pads or wipes, because I felt like I was rubbing so vigorously and liquid makeup remover clouded my vision every time I used it. PLUS, this was an added expense. Since I’m big on multitasking + using things for multiple purposes, oil was my go-to since I was using it so much. A few light swipes and eyes are free of any lingering mascara.

Anti-aging + facial oil:

Oil has properties to help improve skin’s elasticity. Our skin needs essential fatty acids to hydrate layers of our skin. Our body does not naturally produce this, so its important to get essential fatty acids (facial oil). If you’re gathering anything, its that moisture is the key to youthful and healthy skin.


The Brunette Blend-Facial Oil 101-Zoetic Petal Drops
Zoetic Petal Drops
Judging by the half empty bottle, you can see this is a beloved oil. This has been a great makeup primer, moisturizer and an amazing night treatment. It incorporates certified organic ingredients and contains absolutely no fillers. I’ve seen a great improvement in my skin, especially in this harsh Chicago winter. Dry spots no longer exist and I don’t think my skin has been this hydrated in a long time. Every ingredient in this bottle has a purpose and together creates an amazing facial oil. 100% worth it. P.S. Zoetic is having a 25% off site-wide sale (ends 1/16)

The Brunette Blend-Facial Oil 101-Gaia Rosehip Oil
Gaia Purity Rose Hip Oil
This is the newest oil to my collection and I’m smitten. The only ingredient is rosehip oil and is completely natural. Rose hip is used to treat dry skin, diminish scars/marks and help with discoloration. It also has a TON of great anti-aging properties along with properties to help with acne. (I’ve heard it has health benefits for hair, too!) I’ve been using this oil at night on the wrinkle prone areas such as outer corners of eyes (crows feet), forehead and smile lines. TMI. I’ve had a massive pimple and its left a mark. Since using the rose hip oil, I’ve noticed it fading in color. P.S. boys, its unscented + a great moisturizer.

The Brunette Blend-Facial Oil 101-Pixi Rose Oil Blend
Pixi Rose Oil Blend
My very first oil. This one has an amazing scent and really helped with makeup application and gave an added boost to my moisturizer. My gate-way oil (lolz).

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to snap (BrunetteSnapz), comment or email any questions!
P.S. we’ll have more male skin care tips soon– currently experimenting on G’s face. 🙂

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