I’ve been rubbing oil on my face daily. Sometimes twice a day.

The thought of putting oil on your face immediately triggers the thought of pimples. I know. I’ve been there. We’ve been taught to strip our skin of its natural oils daily and then get pissed when our faces are flaking. Have you heard of facial oil though?

The Brunette Blend-All Aboard the Facial Oil Train-Pixi Skin Treats

If you’re following me on Snapchat (BrunetteSnapz) you saw I was doing a little experiment with face oil. After eyeing a bottle of Pixi Skin Treats Rose Oil Blend for a couple of months, I took the plunge, bought it and for once, couldn’t wait to rub oil on my face. To really put this oil to the test, I had a pimple in between my brows. This was it, it could go one of two ways– grow into a beast or slowly disappear. (I hoped for option two, but prepared myself for option one).

Guess what? The pimple got smaller, my face got smoother and it was actually relaxing massaging this goodness onto my face. My skin was never horrible, but my makeup application was getting flaky. It was getting so weird that when I started applying oil to my face, Grant noticed my makeup looked different. He’d ask what I was doing differently with my makeup because it looked so much better! Its safe to say my new makeup secret is oil. (PS. I’m going to continue the face oil experiment on Grant. Wish me luck and stay tuned!)

Taking advantage of facial oil does so much more than invite your husband to compliment your face:

Reasons to Consider Face Oil

-Oil helps improves skin’s elasticity and glow.

-Looking for a dewy glow? Mix a few drops of oil into your foundation.

-It can even act as a natural makeup remover. Stubborn eye makeup? Nonexistent with a few drops of oil.

-Our skin needs essential fatty acids to hydrate layers of our skin. Our body does not naturally produce this, so its important to get essential fatty acids elsewhere AKA facial oil. *hair flip emoji*

-Since oil is essential for healthy skin, did you know that when we dry out our face with products, our skin actually goes into overdrive to produce its own oil? Cleansing your face, moisturizing and adding drops of oil can help balance skin’s production.

If you need additional convincing, let me know. I highly recommend giving it a shot and embracing your fancy skin!

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The Brunette Blend-All Aboard the Facial Oil Train-Flay Lay