Guess what I’m wearing underneath ALL of my dresses? *wink*


AND I’m sooooo feelin’ myself. I’ve mentioned these before, but wanted to dedicate a whole post to my absolute FAVORITE fashion tip for carefree, confident and gust of wind proof style.

Spanx tighten, smooth and provide a more shapely figure– all for it, BUT I can’t say that’s the main reason for my obsession. I’m all about carefree spinning in a dress.

The Brunette Blend-A Dash of Confidence + a BUNCH of Comfiness: Spanx

Spanx are my BFF when it comes sweaty summer days (sticky, sweaty thighs, no thanks) and are THE BEST for unwelcome gusts of wind. (You can’t tell me you haven’t been a victim of a butt cheek peep show!) With Spanx, you can walk freely and confidently. The best part about Spanx/shapewear is that it comes in a variety of styles and pieces (think slips, tops, capris, etc). The shorts are my go-tos.

When it comes to Spanx, I actually go a size up. At the end of the day, I want to be smooth and comfortable. What I don’t want is to be essentially planking on a chair, trying to sit up. Not. Cute. However, just because they aren’t completely skin tight, DOESN’t mean they can’t hide the pasta I devoured or the extra chip + guac I snuck.

Not that you shouldn’t feel confident or FIERCE as all get out in your dresses, but if you want a dash of extra confidence and an overload of comfiness, Spanx are everything and you’ll wish you invented them.

SO! What’s your fashion secret?

The Brunette Blend-Samantha-Signature

The Brunette Blend - Nine to Five Style - Target Style - Get the Look

Glam Black Dress (Stay Fierce Boutique) | On-Core Mid-Thigh Shorts (Spanx)