Finding your voice can be tricky. It’s complicated in real life and just as complicated in the blogging world. Talk about trial and error.


Both spaces are tough to stand out in. After all, both are saturated and fear of disapproval is HIGH. Who wants to be rejected?

Since starting The Brunette Blend and this year especially has really taught me to work on letting go of insecurities and unapologetically be myself. There has been too many times where I’ve been a chameleon and haven’t been true to myself. I’ve been learning to do that through my writing as well.

It’s a struggle to find your voice through text and have it remain constant or try to have how you usually speak be present on a page. It is SO easy to follow others and how they write.

Like most things, when you start something for the first time, you mimic what you admire, not copy, mimic. The more you do it, the quickly you realize how truly BORING it is and not you. Bloggers get a rep for being picture perfect and shoving macaroons into this seasons “it” bag, perfect hair and the outfit that somehow is ALWAYS photo shoot ready.

After keeping up with my blog, I realized that wasn’t me, nor did I really want it to be me. I LOVE these types of bloggers, I’m just not that type. I’ve never had a macaroon and to be honest, I’d probably hate it. My hair more often times than not is not tamed and ask me about my outfit, I’ll proudly shout I got it from Kohls, Target, a clearance rack or Dress Barn. (More details on this outfit at the end of the post!)


I’m dramatic, a mix between girlie and lazy, heavily caffeinated and can be funny from time to time. We’re not perfect, but you can’t hate on trying to be better and better (thats what this blog is all about). What I’m saying is explore yourself and your craft and most importantly, give it time to evolve. Give YOURSELF time to evolve and grow. FIERCELY be yourself at any stage. EMBRACE those quirks, because that really makes you unique.

Keep being you, you’ll find people like you better that way–

The Brunette Blend-Samantha-Signature


The Brunette Blend-Currently Wearing-Summer Nail Shades

Lazy Chic.
Sweater (similar)
Jeans (similar + less destroyed)
Hat (exact, ‘borrowing’ your S.O.’s works, too — thanks, G!)