Remember growing up and daydreaming about the house, the person, the job, the LIFESTYLE? We had some twisted, unexperienced idea of where we would be today. Like I have NO idea what I was thinking. For example, my Sims house is total garbage. WHY?

I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I also know that I’m not the only one that questions where they are in life. Shouldn’t I be making more money? Should I be in a different profession? Why doesn’t my house look like a Pinterest board?

Here’s the thing. Most of us are probably in our 20’s, first or second job, making our OWN money to support ourselves. Why do we beat ourselves up for not having things that people years older than us have? Do you see where I’m going?

Don’t compare yourself to someone’s middle or end.


Photo by An Early Morning Walk

We’ve heard it before and well, here we are hearing it again. As humans, we have some kind of need to compare. What’s better? WHO IS better? Who is doing what? It hurts my head with all the twisted thinking. Why can’t we be proud of what we have and what we have accomplished as OURSELVES?

How boring would it be if right out of school you were CEO of a major company? I mean the pay would probably be pretty good, but where is the room to make your mistakes? Where is your story? Sure, being an overnight success would be cool, but I think people truly care how you got there. You learn so much on your way up (and down, because you can’t go up without some dips!)

These thoughts have consumed my mind lately, but quickly change gears to my dad for motivation. A FULL TIME COMEDIAN + MAGICIAN, ladies and gentleman. Do you think he woke up one morning and started supporting a family of four and entertaining hundreds of people. NO! It wasn’t until his late 20’s after a million odd jobs and careers that he found his passion and found a way to make it work. He went from a deck of cards at a dinner theater to kids parties in safari shirts, khaki shorts and pulled what essentially was streamers out of his mouth to suits, occasionally, safari shirts, entertaining big name companies and instead of pulling streamers out of his mouth, pulling them out of shirts. Now, there’s a story. A true Drake, started from the bottom now we’re here story, if you will.

So here is your pep talk as we go into the weekend and as I venture into another journey of unpacking…

You’re killing it. I don’t care if you’re in sales, an artist (of any kind), a student or an astronaut, make the best of your situation. Hate your job? What can you learn from it and how will it propel you to where you WANT to be? BUILD YOUR STORY. Be interesting. Lose yourself, find yourself. Just because we’re technically adults, we’re still growing and learning. Its OK to throw yourself a pity party, but don’t stay long. Make mistakes, learn, create, find your passions and don’t be afraid of change. Keep writing your story, we’re still in the beginning.

What have you accomplished lately that you’re proud of? SHARE, let’s celebrate how cool you are!

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