UPDATE: Since February will be a weird month for me, I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day or my favorite, Galentine’s Day. I do think its important for YOU to celebrate. SO, let’s revisit last year’s post with tips on how to host a casual + fun taco party with your best gals. It even includes a pretty + low maintenance cake.

“Go ahead, ladies. Celebrate your romance on Valentine’s Day. But save Galentine’s Day for your female friends. The “ladies celebrating ladies” holiday honors friendships between women and was first introduced by Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope in a 2010 episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation.”

Basically, celebrate with your girls! I threw my first Galentine’s Day last year and really enjoyed it. It quickly became a February favorite. An excuse to eat, drink, and spend time with some of my best friends? Count me in x3247328947. Plus, I love a good decoration. (Check out these XOXO balloons…Target, I love you.)
The Brunette Blend - Galentines Day 2016
I get it. We’re growing up. We have jobs, we have S.O., errands to run, the cat pooped on your white rug…again, you have to be an adult. We all have things going on, but its important to get together when you can and I think thats what makes Galentine’s Day so special. It doesn’t have to be on the 13th, this year we had it a couple weeks early, because life and I was really excited, ok?

So, a few Galentine’s Day “rules”…

-You get an invitation in the mail, none of this evite BS. Excuse my abbreviated language, but getting fun mail is so rare that I love sending it.
-Decorations are drenched in pink, red, and white. 

The Brunette Blend - Galentines Day 2016 Drinks
The Brunette Blend - Galentines Day 2016 Decor The Brunette Blend - Galentines Day 2016 Decor2 Utilizing candy as decoration and swapping our green paper straws for pinks were easy ways to bring in the Valentine’s vibe. Now, for the important part, food! Tacos are always a good idea. So versatile and easy to please everyone. Customize your own plate with a taco bar.

If you followed along on Snapchat (BrunetteSnapz) you saw the saddest candy hearts and how we took an angel food bundt cake and gave it a makeover with a semi-homemade strawberry cream cheese filling, then added carnations to cover up the hole. I’m always for homemade, but sometimes doctoring store bought items is needed + with imperfect frosting, it looks like it was baked with love.

The Brunette Blend - Galentines Day 2016 Cake

Chat soon,
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The Brunette Blend - Galentines Day 2016 Full Decor