We are now entering fall wedding season. For me that meant bye baby pink dress and BYE SHAVING MY LEGS. I wanted something different, yet classic. So I opted for a jumpsuit. To be more specific, a $14.99 jumpsuit. A ruffled, off the shoulder, straight black jumpsuit. It was a blank canvas.

The Brunette Blend-GRWM Wedding-Samantha Boots

For this look, I wanted sleek with subtle pops.

First things first… the smile.

The Brunette Blend-GRWM Wedding-Smile Brillaint

You know I’m pretty psycho when it comes to my teeth. Before hair and makeup for an event, I pop in my custom teeth whitening trays from Smile Brilliant for a little touch up. If you remember an earlier blog post, you know Smile Brilliant helped cut through the coffee stains on my teeth. Today its a perfect tool to amp up the smile wattage while I do my hair and makeup. You can find more of my whitening tips HERE.


I don’t know about you, but anytime I need my hair to look good, it turns into a frizzed mess. Taking this into consideration, I opted to do straight hair with a little lift. This would bring in the sleek style element as well as look good behind my shoulders so you could see the jumpsuit in its entirety.

The Brunette Blend-GRWM Wedding-Aveda Hair Products

I only used three products on my hair: Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (heat protectant), Phomollient Styling Foam (hold + volume) and Air Control Hairspray. I’ll do a separate post on these products, until then, our hair stylist made my a convert. LOVE!

I blew dry my hair with a round brush and went over with a straightener. Then finished with a few spitz of hairspray. Done.


Here is where the pops come in. Bright red lip and long lashes. I didn’t switch up my makeup routine here. The only difference was add a little more mascara. My only rule I implement: if I wear a bold lip color, I don’t wear eyeliner. Natural and effortless is what I wanted.

The final look with my husband accessory (don’t forget to take out your whitening trays!)…
The Brunette Blend-GRWM Wedding-S and G

This was hands down one of my favorite wedding looks. It was super minimal and easy to execute. Bonus, I felt like it blended in nicely, but still has some uniqueness. Once again, you know I love a classic with a twist. This twist had pants.

Chat soon,

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This post was sponsored by friends at Smile Brilliant. As always, all opinions and love for products are those of The Brunette Blend.