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PINEAPPLING. Have you ‘pineappled’ your hair yet? If not, start TONIGHT. Its SO easy (it’ll make your head spin). I was introduced to the technique after reading Brit + Co’s article on the subject. I put it to the test and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner. (Also, why was I reading this Feb. 2016 article last week for the first time?)

Pineappling is a beyond easy way to style your hair before bed to create next day volume and PRESERVE your hair style.

Too many mornings I wake up and have to (or should) completely redo my hair. It becomes a time suck in my morning routine, plus I try to limit the amount of heat used on my hair (I prefer 2-3x MAX). Thanks to the EASIEST hair hack ever, little to no touch up is needed.

All you need to ‘pineapple’ your hair is an old-school scrunchie. THESE have been my tried and true since I can remember. One is never far from me at night.

Pineappling Your Hair: How To

1. With your head down, gather hair toward your hairline/forehead (the closer, the better.)
2. Lightly secure a loose bun (AKA your pineapple)
3. Sleep.

Just to prove it really works, I blew dry my hair straight the night before. This is quite the test, as my hair ALWAYS curls at night.

Documenting my process: night before, morning, and the immediate reveal.
PINEAPPLING- How To Preserve Hairstyle + Add Volume-Process

With the majority of your hair (and style) away from your pillow, the style is undisturbed. The bonus of the hair having to be up so high is that it creates volume in your hair. Below is my final product. All I did was comb through with a wide-tooth comb and lightly curl the ends to fake a blow out. I was early to work.

The Brunette Blend-PINEAPPLING- How To Preserve Hairstyle + Add Volume-Process-Finished Hair

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