2015 was a big year for out of this world contouring, like “wash your face and who is that person?” contouring. I’m not horrible at makeup, but I’m not very skilled by any means. Its understandable that when I did attempt to contour, I got called out (poor blending…) Never again, I said. Never again.

As contouring became more popular, I was intrigued by beauty gurus creating these face masterpieces. I researched the best techniques, quick techniques, and ended up feeling more confident with applying bronzer instead. Maybe it made my nose look thinner, maybe it didnt, but I loved the way the color hit me and occasionally, it showed off my cheekbones.

There was an article I read that stated that 2016 was going to be the year for a natural look, for contouring to be all about highlighting your natural beauty. I’m in, but only if its quick and I don’t have to stock up on new makeup. So after researching and practicing, here are my two favorite ways to “contour”/apply bronzer in the correct spot. The Brunette Blend - Lazy Girl Contour Guide Final

-Cream bronzer
-Powdered bronzer
-Flat brush
-Brush for blending

The Brunette Blend - Lazy Girl Contour Guide Tools

The Brunette Blend - Lazy Girl Contour Guide Step by Step

Step 1
With cream bronzer and flat brush, line forehead, temples, beneath cheek bones, sides of nose, and jaw line.

 Step 2
Take powdered bronzer and brush underneath cream bronzer. When you blend, this will create a more natural look.

 Step 3
Take concealer and put on forehead, cheek bones, underneath powdered bronzer, and on the bridge of the nose.

The Brunette Blend - Lazy Girl Contour Guide Process

Above is how the face will look before you blend with your brush.

 Step 4
Blend. Blend. Blend!

 Step 5
Blend more.

The Brunette Blend - Lazy Girl Contour Guide Blend

Speedy Fast,
“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Look

The Brunette Blend - Lazy Girl Contour Guide Fast Version

Same steps as above, just without the cream bronzer. Use your powdered bronzer and concealer the same way and blend!

These are two ways that work for me. Two ways that are quick and that regulate my heavy bronzing hand. Do you have any tips, tricks, or techniques that create your favorite look?Share in the comments below! I’m always up for a fresh look or better technique!

xo S