I’m the type of person that states I’m on a mission to grow my hair, but a few weeks later I get sick of it and chop it. I got a big cut back in February, it’s now November and I’ve gotten about two trims. This has to be a personal record.

I think the above situation is pretty common. As human beings, it’s normal to want a change and something new + fresh. Hence why we jump on the opportunity for a cut and Instagram pic captioned, “CHOPPED *scissor emoji* (guilty).

If you’re looking to grow out your hair, here are the tips + tricks I’ve been using:


Trimming your hair really doesn’t make or break anything. I remember chatting with my hair stylist and asked her if trimming helped. To my surprise, it doesn’t do as much as I thought. If you want to grow out your hair and have it healthy, you need to care for your hair sans hair cuts.

Less heat. It’s no surprise that heat damages hair and causes split ends. I try to limit using heated styling tools to once or twice a week AND let my hair air dry. It’s now extremely rare for me to blow dry my hair. #NightShowerer

Vitamins + Good Ol’ Healthy Food. Along with a multivitamin, I take biotin, Mainly because my nail technician sent me to the store to buy some after telling me my nails were horrible. Thankfully, it’s helped with healthy and shiny hair as well as strengthening my nails. BUT what you really want to focus is on is fueling your body with the right foods. Proteins + healthy fats do WONDERS. Figure out what you’re putting into your body and it’ll show.

Less washing. This year has been the year of not washing your hair or limiting the washes. Your hair needs the natural oils your scalp produces. A healthy scalp is the base of healthy hair. Frequent washes strip your hair of these and causes it to dry out, then in return, breaks. I promise your hair isn’t as dirty as you think.

Towel Drying + Combing. Squeeze excess water from hair and DON’T twist wet hair up on top of your head with a towel. I KNOW! Such a habit, but we can break it! That twist actually damages your hair since it’s wet and causes it to break. As for brushing, using a regular brush will pull hair and cause breakage. (At this point, what WON’T cause breakage? Amirite?) To combat tangles in wet hair, use a wide tooth comb or brush with flexible bristles like Wet Brush.

Per usual, the moral of the story is LESS IS MORE. If you’re wanting longer hair, the less you mess with your hair, the more it thrives. Of course trims here and there are needed for upkeep, but in my opinion, you really don’t need them as much as you thought. So to my hair growing Rapunzel’s, rock those day two curls, eat an avocado, stop wasting time blow drying and share your secrets!

Chat soon-

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