After getting a dog, all dreams of a crisp white bedroom went out the window. I swear, Indy looks at dirt and it ends up on his paws and in return, on the comforter.

The last thing I want guests to sleep on when they visit is a dirty white comforter. Hence why we went for whimsical, playful and colorful. PLUS, I feel like everyone is doing the crisp, pristine white linen thing and I’m craving a splash of color.

The Linens

Don’t worry my crisp white aficionados, it makes its way into the room as an accent. Otherwise, its an explosion of navy, bright yellows and colorful florals. Everything is just a touch.


The End Tables

Why splurge on expensive end tables for a guest room when you can use TV trays? Yessss. That’s right, those are TV trays. They look fancy, right? They’re a great bamboo color and having them face differently brings a whole new vibe.

The Lighting

Lamps. KMART. The navy ties nicely with the comforter and compliments the yellow. I LOVE the shape of the lamp which gives the room some extra personality. Psst. The lampshades are crisp white.

The Artwork

Can we take a moment and appreciate Louise? Yes, we’re weirdos and names our llama painting, but seriously, how could you not? Its cute and just odd enough to tie the room together. Its quirkiness at its finest. Plus, its from TJ MAXX. You know how I feel about TJ’s…

HAVE FUN. Be playful and creative. Let your personality show through. Don’t overlook the crazy artwork and the random pieces in your parents’ basement or thrift store.


Chat soon,

The Brunette Blend-Samantha-Signature