I’ve been hinting on Instagram and Snapchat (BrunetteSnapz) of a little makeup trick I’ve been playing around with and I’m finally ready to share. The secret lies in the all-oily goodness of facial oil.

Prior to this tip, I was using a makeup sponge and foundation that created a great look for the AM only. By the afternoon I could see the makeup flaking in between my brows and looking patchy. The horror.

Back to the drawing board I went to figure out how I could get a seamless, lasting look. My first mistake was using a DRY makeup sponge. Did you know that a dry makeup sponge will actually pull away the makeup from your face? The sponge should be damp for a smooth and lasting application. If you’re like me and had literally no idea, now you do.

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I was still in need of a little moisture, so instead of using facial oil as my primer, I placed a few drops on my sponge prior to blending my foundation. YOU.GUYS. This made a HUGE difference and I’m sincerely not being dramatic. No more flakes, a complexion with more glow and a seamless finish. Plus, COMPLIMENTS. It made that much of a difference that people noticed.

If you’ve ever seen Instagram beauty gurus dropping a concoction on their sponges, its OIL and it seriously WORKS. I was so hesitant, but after consistent results and healthy skin, I was sold. So sold, I’m mixing a few drops of oil in my hands with BB cream if I’m not feeling foundation.

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you aren’t already on it, hop on the facial oil train STAT! Total game changer.
Have you tried this before? Have you tried something EVEN BETTER? Let me know.

Talk soon, pretties-

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