Ahhh, May. What a weird month you’ve been. You’ve had us in sweaters, shorts, jackets, boots, and sandals. We’re finally stepping into some consistent spring/summer weather. I wanted to highlight 7 May favorites that will shimmy their way into June. The top 7 are ones that make you feel great from head to toe. That doesn’t mean they’re all beauty related. A couple make the space around you beautiful and inviting. Added bonus, all 7 are low maintenance and easy on your wallet. If you have any May favorites- share, share!

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - Spanx

1. Spanx

I want to start this post with the STAPLE we all need….Spanx. Warm weather draws us to the dresses and skirts in the closet. I don’t know about you, but that weather also makes my legs stick together. I also have a fear my skirt flying up. Spanx are my not so secret favorite accessory. Yes, they do AMAZING things, like smoothing you out and shaping. What I love most about them is that it keeps my legs from giving each other rug burns. I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident in a dress. They come in different lengths. My favorites are the ones that go a little above the belly button and hit the upper thigh. Its perfect for those circle skirts and sun dresses. I know they run on the expensive side, but you can find off brands at Target and other shopping centers. They work just as well. Besides, you’re the only one that sees them, so who cares!

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

2.Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in Pinky Promise

Gel manicures at the salon are very popular and also quite $$$. This polish gives you the same results with a few less steps for under $10. The two step process requires you to paint on the Miracle Gel color of your choosing and finish it with Miracle Gel top coat. Super simple and looks great. Light colors and whites are very in so the color Pinky Promise is the perfect shade for us fair skinned girls. I can never pull off a nude or super white, so this light pink (that lasts 14 days by the way!) is perfect to snag that look.

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - SPF

3. SPF

We’ve had some really warm days this May and that sun has been shining its hottest rays. I know I’ve written about SPF before, but it is SO important. Protecting yourself against sun damage is easy when we have lotions and makeup with SPF already in them. Find one that works best for you and reapply!

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - Teeth Whitening Pen

4. Teeth Whitening Pen

This is for you fellow coffee drinkers! I’m attempting to cut my caffeine intake, but as of right now I’m attempting to cut the stains its left on my teeth. I saw this at Kohls where they put all the goodies (impulse purchases) by the registers. Not going to lie, I was drawn to the packaging. I did some research on it and decided to go buy it. Its been 3 days and my teeth are noticeably whiter (to me at least) with regular brushing, flossing, and this baby. I have extremely sensitive teeth and this has not bothered them in the least. Once I reach the whiteness I’m looking for, I plan to do a weekly or biweekly touch-up.

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - Shoes

5. Cute + Comfy Shoes

Browns and nudes are my favorite when it comes to shoes. These A2 by Aerosoles wedges are the most comfortable high shoes I’ve put on my feet. My future sister-in-law tried a pair on and put them in the basket. I decided to try them on as well, loved them, and totally copied her. I’m lucky she has great taste! If a higher shoe isn’t for you, these Sperrys with a touch of gold sparkle are perfect. They’re quick to slip on and crazy comfortable (when you break them in, of course…)

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - Mug Repurposing

6. Mug Repurposing

I found this Kate Spade mug at TJ Maxx. My friend and I like to play this game when we go. Basically, you just try to find Kate’s green box. I fell in love with this mug, but knew I didn’t want to drink my morning coffee out of it. It was too pretty. So now it sits on the table where I get ready in the morning and holds my makeup brushes.

The Brunette Blend - May Top 7 - Pink Peony Candle

7. Peony Scented Candle

Yes, its been beautiful out and there have been plenty of blooms. We have also had a ton of rainy days inside. To help bring the outdoors in, I found this pretty pink candle on the Target shelf. The scent is light and airy. Pefect for the rainy days and nights.