I tried a new mascara and every time I wash my face, I look like a raccoon with the black under my eyes and cheeks. It’s not even waterproof. Just the strongest mascara ever.

Anyway, I don’t have eye makeup remover, because I love my face cleanser. It getseverything off. Unfortunately, it can’t compete against this mascara, so I tried a baby wipe. That usually picks up the excess makeup, if needed. No luck. What kind of mascara is this?

I recently purchased a jar of coconut oil. I know, I’m late to the coconut oil game, but at least I made it. I doubt you’ll see me oil pulling anytime soon, but time will tell… Anyway, I remembered on the back it lists all the uses and one being eye makeup remover. I’m out of options, so why not?

You guys, it’s the best eye makeup remover EVER. It doesn’t sting your eyes or blur your vision like previous eye makeup removers I’ve used. It effortlessly took away the mess on my face. So incase you have been hesititate about rubbing a product you tend to cook with all over your face, give it a try! Yeah, its weird at first, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you wake up free of black smudge under your eyes.

Simply take a dime size amount and warm it up in your hands, this will make it liquid and allow you to gently rub over your makeup. Rinse or wipe up with a baby wipe and it’s gone! Plus it’s a fantastic all natural moisturizer.

I love a product with a million uses + benefits. This is one of them.

The Brunette Blend - Pantry Makeup Remover Coconut Oil