Taking care of a pet can be a lot of work. Sometimes even frustrating work. Indy’s first birthday is tomorrow and there are a few things that have made my life SO much easier. Easy to the point I would be doing a giant disservice if I didn’t share. I pinky promise these items are nothing weird. No pet clothing needed…


Earthbalance Tooth & Gum Wipes:
Puppy/dog breath is among one of the worse smells in my book. You know I personally take oral hygiene seriously and when it comes to Indy, it doesn’t really change. Dental care is important for all so instead of busting my butt to brush EVERYDAY, I use wipes for in between days. It helps keep teeth + gums healthy AND bonus, fresh breath. These wipes are THE BEST. Natural + super easy to use.

Martha Stewarts Pets Quick Bath – Bathing System
You already know how I feel about Martha. GOTTA LOVE HER! Just when you think you couldn’t love Martha anymore, she graces you with an indoor/outdoor pet hose that makes your life easy. This is SERIOUSLY the best $30 I’ve spent. It instantly transforms your bath tub or outdoor hose into a quick and efficient dog wash station. The only thing easier would be to drop your dog off for grooming, but let’s save the money for margs. In all seriousness, if you have a dog and need something that gets the job done, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Earthbalance Ear Wipes
Clearly, anything that comes in wipe form is gold. Ear infections happen and treatment can be EXPENSIVE, so its important to make sure your pup’s ears are clean. These wipes do just the trick and are, once again, easy to use.

Inflatable Collar
I’m not going to lie, the first time I had to put Indy in a standard e-collar, I cried- #DOGMOM. He hated not being able to see, so we found an inflatable collar, which we like to call his neck pillow. He’s able to see, eat, drink and play normally without being too bothered. However, he just got fixed a few days ago and to be super safe, he sleeps in his standard flexible cone and when supervised he can wear his neck pillow.

The Gentle Leader
This has been heaven sent. We’ve tried a variety of collars + harnesses, but Indy would either drag us around town or choke himself. The Gentle Leader loosely goes around his snout for gentle control and doesn’t cause him any discomfort. All parties are able to enjoy the walk. If you have a rowdy pup and walking in a chore, try this. You’ll be SO surprised at how well they walk with such a simple design.

If you have a pet, is there something you find makes taking care of your furry friend easier? Let me know! You know how I feel about easy + efficient!

Chat soon,

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