If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you know I’ve been in the process of decorating our place! Christmas decorations have left the building and have left us with extreme emptiness. Up until two weeks ago, my mantle housed two candle sticks, a photo and a mirror. #Sad.

The goal right now is to make the house Pinterest worthy and quirky. To gather mantle inspiration, I turned to the holy grail of home jealousy. Pinterest.

After finding some inspiration, we began project “Rustic Spice.” Not quite the sixth Spice Girl, but the mantel in mind brought a rustic feel along with some zing.

The Brunette Blend- 7 Tips for Creating a Pinterest Worthy Mantle-Full Shot

Tips for Creating a Pinterest Worthy Mantle

Find inspiration. Troll the internet or even better, pick up a magazine. Pick and choose pieces to create your own style.

Don’t make it perfect. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I really like things to coordinate opposed to match. Mimic the feel not that actual objects.

Pick a focal piece. My focal piece is a window pane that we decorated with a wreath. A photo or mirror could be a good focal point as well. What is the first thing you want people to see?

Its all about height. The focal piece is a big deal, but the objects with different heights really make it pop. Think candle sticks (refrain from mirroring them on both sides), plants, vases and random knick knacks.

Keep personal photos to a minimum. Photos in pretty frames or a nice touch, but make sure its PG and not too in your face.

Add color. Since I wanted this mantle to transfer over to spring + summer, I wanted to add little spots of greenery. Different sized fake plants really did the trick along with the rustic red of the metal sphere.

Fill in the space. Incorporate things that tie the look together and add depth. One of my pet peeves is when things are lined up in a straight line or lined up against a wall. Create interest by having certain things pushed forward while others are back. It also helps fill in any blank space.

The Brunette Blend- 7 Tips for Creating a Pinterest Worthy Mantle-Left Side

The Brunette Blend- 7 Tips for Creating a Pinterest Worthy Mantle-Right Side

P.S. if you’re wondering where most of the knick knacks came from, take a GUESS. TJ MAXX + Marshall’s

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