This past year, I have been HOOKED on podcasts. Like hook, line, sinker hooked. Saying I can’t get enough is an understatement.


It’s a source of inspiration, information and entertainment. Plus, super easy to multitask while listening and you know how I feel about multitasking.

Podcasts are continuing to grow and captures people’s attention. My problem is when the podcast is done, what do I listen to until the next episode or worse, NEXT SEASON? *nails on a chalkboard* NO.

For those who share the obsession and need more OR if you’re new and need a recommendation, you’re in the right place.

Thanks to you guys, I have even more must listen-tos on my list and what kind of person would be if I didn’t share?

Society & Culture

I Don’t Get It
Ashley Laconetti

Him & Her Podcast
The Skinny Confidential


Earn Your Happy
Lori Harders

The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire

Personal Journals

Bad 4 Business
Jerry Ferrara

This American Life


Girlboss Radio
Sophia Amoruso

The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk

News & Politics

Up and Vanished

This American Life

Someone Knows Something
CBC Radio

Chat soon,

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