The importance of removing makeup at the end of the day is SO important, but how clean in your face? Sharing the three areas to focus on for clean skin.
How clean is your face really?

If you aren’t completely removing your makeup (EVERY nook and cranky) before cleaninsing, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You may not realize that your #MOTD is still hanging around and waiting to plant pimples.

The Brunette Blend-How Clean Is Your Face Three Commonly Missed Areas When Removing Makeup

I thought my skin was makeup free after washing with my cream cleanser in the evenings, but sadly, I was mistaken. While using makeup wipes after a shower to remove mascara, I found my foundation and bronzer were being picked up. Instead of my skin being cleansed, I was removing only a layer of makeup.

You know what that equals? Clogged pores and surprise guests (PIMPLES).

After this horrific realization and making myself a semi-guinea pig, I found that adding an extra step to a nighttime skin routine AND focusing on three frequently missed areas can make all the difference.

Three Commonly Missed Areas When Removing Makeup

1. Hairline. We’re all about having our makeup look natural, so we pull and dab it into our hairline to get a seamless look. While this a good makeup trick, you NEED to make sure you’re removing the makeup at the end of the day. Its easy to wash your face and stay clear of your hair if you don’t want to wash it that day. Over time, this leftover makeup can build up and cause breakouts.

2. Nose. The sides and bridge of your nose need a little extra love when it comes to washing your makeup off. Foundations and creams can get caked around the nose and cause dryness and blemishes if not removed. I was washing my face so quickly that I wasn’t giving this area enough attention. This resulted in dead skin, flakes and uneven makeup. Plus, IT WAS SO ITCHY.

3. Neck. This is definitely an area that is overlooked when washing. If you’re pulling your makeup down to your neck (if not, you should) to create a more natural, seamless look, that leftover makeup can cause some damage, too. Think wrinkles and you guessed it, pimples.

For your cleanest skin, use a makeup wipe (I’m using THIS) or use a cotton round with oil to remove makeup from all areas of your skin. Then, your regular cleanser can take a deeper dive into pores and work on your skin on how its intended.

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