I sinned last weekend and broke the cardinal skincare rule.

I fell asleep with my makeup on.


Horrible. Dry heaving at the thought. No matter the time of night or how tired I am, I ALWAYS remove my makeup before bed. Sometimes life happens and you fall asleep in your MOTD.

We’ve been told over and over again to remove our makeup before bed. Why is it such a big deal? We just know it’s not good and we shouldn’t do it. I did some research (Sources one + two) to really understand how it harms our skin. Let’s break it down, because the more you do it, the worse it is for your skin.

1. Clogs pores: makeup clogs pores while you sleep and can cause breakouts + acne. One night with it on won’t wreck your face, but over time it creates microcomedone which attracts acne causing bacteria. No thanks. Skin renews itself at night and if it’s being clogged by foundations + primers, it results in blackheads and dullness.

2. Wrinkles + premature aging: your skin needs to breathe. By not allowing your skin to recover from the day, it can lead to signs of premature aging and collagen breakdown aka WRINKLES + fine lines.

3. Dries + chaps lips: sleeping with lipsticks on dries out lips out + leaves them cracked. For those tough lipsticks that stain, you can use a lip scrub or toothpaste is great for removing stains.

4. Brittle + easily breakable lashes: not only can sleeping in mascara cause weak + fragile lashes, it can also clogs hair follicles and can cause skin irritation as well as swelling. NOOOOOO.

There they are. The facts on why its SO important to remove your makeup and proof your mom wasn’t just making things up. If there is one skincare rule we follow, its the classic ‘don’t sleep with your makeup on.’ Wear it loud and wear it proud, but put it to rest in the PM.

Chat soon.

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