Knits are my thing. Fall and winter are my favorite fashion seasons, because it means chunky sweaters. Spring and summer fashion just brought a whole new game and its SLEEVELESS.

The Brunette Blend-Knits Are Back For Warmer Months-Samantha

Could the sleeveless knit be replacing the denim button down? …maybe

We found this one at Loft and trust me, I’m living in it. The style is classic and extremely versatile. There is nothing better than something that can easily transition from day to night, from 9-5 to happy hour.

This is definitely a piece you’ll want to add to your wardrobe (looking at you, fresh grads!) If there is one thing I’ve learned about freshening up wardrobes postgrad, it’s go for the traditional pieces that have a fun twist and can be worn in variations. Can it be paired with jeans, dress pants, maybe even a skirt? Ding, ding! There’s a winner. 

This piece is coming in HOT, so linked below are similar styles for all budgets.

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