Some people may or may not know that I am obsessive when it comes to my teeth. I had braces for SEVEN years and its a personal mission of mine to smile whenever possible and show off the product of seven years of metal, rubber bands, pizza stuck in wires and sore teeth. To smile fearlessly is one of my favorite things to do (how Buddy the Elf of me?)


As I got older, I was introduced to the magic of coffee. My daily cups were beginning to stain my teeth no matter what I tried. I tried toothpastes, mouthwashes and strips. All just seemed to make my sensitive teeth even more sensitive, I know I’m not the only one (learn more about tooth sensitivity + prevention HERE). Professional teeth whitening was too pricey and blue light teeth whitening just made me drool everywhere.

Recently I got to experience a custom-fitted teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant. The best part is that I got to do it ALL at home. You place your order and receive a box full of goodies. Inside you’ll find whitening gels, desensitizing gel (this is an added purchase, but I highly recommend if you have sensitive teeth), detailed instructions on how to create your impressions and materials. Once completed, you’ll mail the impressions back in a pre-paid envelope (could it be easier?) and receive your trays within a few business days.


Before Smile Brilliant, this type of teeth whitening + maintenance was only available at dentist offices for $500+! Insane, right? Everyone should feel confident smiling and now we can (keep reading + I’ll tell you how)! My experience with Smile Brilliant has been painless and filled with results. I mentioned earlier that my teeth are sensitive and the desensitizing gel they offer helped diminish any tooth sensitivity. I started my whitening process in small increments, but quickly realized I could leave my trays in for up to 30 minutes a couple times a week and experience no pain, just whiter teeth.


Its removing stains and showing your natural tooth color, which is awesome because who wants to look like Ross from Friends in the episode where he gets his teeth whitened? No black light glow here, just a natural radiant smile.


Red lipstick helps make teeth look whiter. Combine with your custom-teeth whitening and you can forget about using the teeth whitening option in your photo editor.


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Can’t wait to see even more beautiful people show off their smiles fearlessly and because I like you SO much, snag a 5% off coupon with the code: brunetteblend

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