There is no flowery way to word this, but stress sucks. There is no way around that.

The past few weeks have been a giant headache, a massive zit and a running mind. I’ve been juggling multiple things, on the go and kind of put myself on the back burner. I forgot to relax, give myself a break, BREATHE.

It feels like a few extra hours in the day are needed.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
– Sydney J. Harris

The pity-party for us ends now. We are all so capable of handling dates on our calendar, projects, time with family + friends. We just need to make time for ourselves so we don’t combust.

Favorite Ways to Decompress from Stress

1. Make sure the house is CLEAN. I feel even more tension when my space is cluttered. Taking a few minutes to clean and organize my space calms me down and mimics how I want my mind to feel. Light a candle (my current favorite) and let your new atmosphere take you away.

2. Stress usually results in a breakout or two, so taking care of your skin is KEY. (Plus, it can be relaxing!) I love a mask or a scrub paired with a your favorite face lotion to care for skin and symbolically wipe away the stresses of the day. A fresh face always makes me feel a bit better.

3. Essential oils like lavender and chamomile are proven to relax your body and mind with its scent. I’m either diffusing lavender or spraying my pillow with a mix of lavender and chamomile (favorite spray) Pair it with fresh sheets and deep breaths and you’re set.

4. This is obviously the biggest and most obvious, workout. This will help physically release stress. I swear by The Barre Code workouts for me to alleviate stress and bump up endorphins. I joined a little before the new year and I always come back in a better mood and with a clearer head.

5. Recently, I have found that cooking relaxes me. The smells and the process of putting things together to create something is comforting and requires me to unplug. I also try to play music that matches the cuisine. Like traditional Italian music when I’m making stuffed shells or an amazing white spinach pizza. I pretty much play classical jams when I cook anything.

There you have it. My favorite ways to combat stress. I’m definitely doing a 20-minute mask tonight in my CLEAN house. We’re grilling tonight, so no Italian music.

Chat soon,

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