Thrift stores are great places to find budget-friendly clothing pieces, but can be overwhelming. We’re sharing tips + insights on what to look for before purchasing to make sure you go home with a great item.
On Instagram I shared a little snap of an amazing button down. As promised, I’m sharing the details of the under $20 outfit:

Tie Trousers: $15 at TJ Maxx
Lands’ End Button Down: $5 found at a thrift store

(this sounds like a credit card commercial…just go with it.)

Whoa, whoa, WhOA! $5 for a killer button down? Yes, you read that right. An amazing thrift find.

The Brunette Blend-Tips for Scoring the Best Pieces at Thrift Stores-Samantha Boots

However, I can’t take credit for the find. Some of you may or may not know The Mighty Jane. The Mighty Jane is my mom and she is truly mighty. She’s a costumer, choreographer, one of the best Jazzercise instructors and the creator of all things delicious. I find myself thinking, “Is there anything she CAN’T do?” She can’t install a printer, but other than that she pretty much owns everything she does.

“If you see something you like… Buy it! If you don’t, there’s a 95% chance it will not be there the next time you come in.”
– The Mighty Jane

One of her hidden talents is the ability to score great items at thrift stores. I’m not kidding, she is like a MAGNET. She was kind enough to share some of her tips with us today! Without further adieu, I present The Mighty Jane’s Guide to Thirfting (Clothing Edition). If you like thrifting furniture, don’t worry. MJ has you covered in a future episode.

The Mighty Jane’s Guide to Thirfting (Clothing Edition)

-When buying clothing look for wear at the neck, at the elbows and at the cuffs.

-Make sure all the buttons are there, that zippers & snaps work, and that there are no holes or stains on the item.

-Many times you will find clothing that has never been worn & has original sale tags on it. You should still check for stains.

-Bring a tape measurer (she stands by this one). Vintage clothing is sized differently than today’s sizes. A chest, waist and hip measurement will help you decide if a piece of clothing is likely to fit if there is no fitting room.

-Reinvent a piece. Don’t be afraid to cut jeans to make shorts. Get creative!

The Brunette Blend-Tips for Scoring the Best Pieces at Thrift Stores-Shoulder View

Want to hear more from The Mighty Jane? Let us know! From style to theater auditions, she has some serious insight. Good luck thrifting + please, please, PUHHHH-LEASE share your finds!

Chat soon,

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