If you’ve been reading the blog for a while now, you know I have a thing for skin care. Its no secret I’m on an anti-aging/healthy skin for life mission.

Makeup trends change, but what’s underneath is forever, so its important to take care of it! When I come across something that’s helping my journey to healthy skin, I need to scream it from the mountain tops, swing from the chan-deee-a-leeeeheeer. Today I’m sharing four of my ABSOLUTE favorite products for better skin.

Recently I was introduced to an amazing body care line that incorporates certified organic ingredients, Zoetic. You guys, I genuinely cannot express to you how much I am loving this line. Talk about head to toe pampering. From sugar lip scrubs to body scrubs to bath salts, Zoetic has you covered.

All of the Zoetic products are incorporate certified organic, cruelty free and certified AWESOME. The founder, Ashley, is someone who is passionate about quality body + skin care products and it is apparent in these magical jars. Zoetic is fueled by this passion, as well as wanting to inspire people.

Sugar Body Polish

I received a Sugar Body Polish that stated “Be Confident.” It smells absolutely delicious and demolishes dry skin. I can’t get over how cold its been here in Chicago, but my skin reminds me just how dry it is. After the first use of this scrub, I noticed smoother and incredibly moisturized skin. Your elbows and ankles will LOVE you this most for this.

Sugar Lip Polish

This stuff is truly magic. With all this brisk, cold wind, my lips have been dry and cracked. Constant lip balm applications and slathering Vaseline on them didn’t help. The Sugar Lips Polish took care of my lips on the FIRST try. In all honesty, I was stunned. Some lip scrubs can be extra oily or be extremely scratchy. Sugar Lips is the perfect balance of sugar, oils and butters. Its perfect for everyday use, ESPECIALLY if you’re avoiding those flakes under your lipstick. If you aren’t using a scrub before lipstick, you’re doing it wrong. CHANGES THE MAKEUP GAME.

Petal Drops

We have reached my favorite. FACIAL OIL! You know I can’t live without facial oil and this one is FABULOUS. This concentrated oil can be used to as an everyday moisturizer, night treatment and even a makeup primer. It has a lovely floral scent and really rejuvenates skin. If you still haven’t tried a facial oil, SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! I promise you’ll LOVE it. This one especially.

Bath Salt Soak

I’ve been really into baths lately #Fancy. Its such a great way to decompress + unwind. This bath salt helps with muscle tension, removes toxins and refreshes skin. What more could you want?

Giveaway Alert
‘Tis the season for giving and taking time off to regroup. Zoetic and I want to share with you a BUNCH of Zoetic goodies to help with this chilling weather! Petal drops, Honey Rose Lip Polish (fav!) and two scrubs in Strawberries & Cream + Orange Zest! You will love each and every one.

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